Bohemian Inspired Party

Bohemian Inspired Party

Planning any type of party can be stressful, but planning a bohemian inspired party doesn’t have to be! When planning a party, the first thing to do is to take a step back and pick a theme, budget and location. 

For boho-chic parties the theme is already decided, budgets can range from spending $100 and going up for larger parties. We want you to stick to your budget and we hope this article guides your thought process of planning an Instagram-worthy bohemian themed party. 

  • Plan on a Budget: once you have a number in mind you don’t want to exceed, we need to break it down. If you’re more old-school grab a pen and paper – or for more computer savvy boho-lovers here’s your chance to create an excel spreadsheet. Break down the number in at least three sections: food, décor and miscellaneous (because you never know!). Depending on the food you decide to serve, this could take up a good chunk of your budget. 
  • Remember: DIY is your friend. Make your own place cards, streamers and more 

FOOD - For a budget friendly option try creating share plates so your guests can take as much or as little as they want. This is a great way to have variation of foods at different price points too. Fill up plates with gorgeous colours from veggies and fruits, and pair with dips for a basic go-to snack every guest will love. Then pick some of your favourites dishes to add for the perfect balance of healthy options and indulgent party food. 

DÉCOR – decoration is a key component to throwing an impressive boho party. From the lighting, to greenery and floral, and of course the unique and trendy carpets and blankets often used – we want your decorations to be the envy of your guests. 

Some more thrifty options rather than buying from a shop include:

  • Thrift shopping: with this option you can find a range of décor options at a fraction of the price. Whether it’s the lighting, a vintage table, chic dishes and serving platters or table centrepieces including candles and lanterns – thrift shopping is a best place to start looking. Feather Fox has some affordable fairy lights/ string lights that are battery powered and look great wrapped around your table centrepiece.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for: this is an opportunity for you to ask your family and friends to borrow bohemian inspired items for the party. Often people will let you borrow their tapestries, wooden tables, cushions, glassware, etc for no cost at all. If you end up borrowing we recommend to send them an invite to the party or to give them something personalised as a thank you including baked goods, a DIY flower bouquet or offer them to a home-cooked meal at your place the following week (you’ll be a pro at party planning by then!). Feather Fox also has a range of throws that work great as blankets.
  • Online/ in person shopping: look at larger websites for second hand goods including gumtree, or for boho-inspired styles look at your local Kmart, Target and one of our favourite websites, Etsy!   

Dinner Party Hacks 

  • Research and get inspiration from other people: we love the blog by Spell & the Gypsy for planning a bohemian dinner party in 7 easy steps. 
  • Other designers from décor to interior design such as Martha Stewart and Lauren Wolf have fabulous ideas for boho-chic inspiration that you can take on with your own personalised twist. 
  • Lastly, use Pinterest. This is an easy way to keep track of all of your online research, ideas and inspiration for the entire event from food, to drinks, décor and more. 

We hope this article helps you plan the perfect bohemian inspired party. Now get party planning and we can’t wait for you to tag us in your Instagram pics @FeatherFoxBoutique