Boho Baby and Kids Clothing

Bohemian Kids Dresses Australia Feather Fox Boutique

Bohemian style is not only on trend for baby and children’s clothes for stylistic reasons, but for practical reasons too. For busy families, having simple go-to pieces to dress your kids in relieves unnecessary stress and with our bohemian designs, your kids will always be in style and comfortable for every occasion. 

Wearing boho trending styles has perks including that bohemian styles are trans-seasonal and easy to incorporate into the next season. Layering and styling our pieces is easy and your kids will love the fit and comfort they provide while feeling good about their outfit choice. 

The lighter colours in our boho-chic styles help to deter the sun from overheating kids while they play and make it easy for your baby or child to wear longer sleeves while being under the sun. Even more, the lighter and summer tones of our pieces make for gorgeous pictures including family and group shots. 

Styles we carry: 

Feather Fox is proud to carry an mixture of Boho Baby Clothes, Boho Kids Wear and Boho Kids Clothing

We offer a range of styles for all groups including onesies, rompers, play set separates, and kaftans to name a few options.  

Top Features of our styles include:

Fabric & Make 

The fabric and make of your child’s clothing can make or break whether they’ll enjoy wearing a particular item, if they can play and move right or if they feel good in the clothes. Our selection of boho baby and kids clothing continues with all timeless trends of boho fashion including using cotton fabric for the base of many of our styles. 

When shopping for the perfect make or style, look out for trims in lace as a main feature for a delicate piece your child will love wearing. Other options in features to watch out for include tassels and fringe for an added spark of fun and as a playful accent to any outfit. We also have some boho styles with crochet accents for a true bohemian chic trend. All of our pieces and styles are perfect for any summertime outing or to layer with a knit sweater, a jacket or scarf during colder months. 

Colour Options 

All of our clothing styles range in neutral coloured options from white, ivory and 

muted earth tones. These are the top trending colours we’ve designed our pieces around for a natural and true bohemian style. 

For our baby and children’s clothing range, we've incorporated some brighter and more colourful accents to let your kids stand out in their individual styles. Some colour options include melon, bright pop electric blue and orange in detailed embroidery and fun prints available in tropical themes with multi coloured floral to name a few of our favourite examples. 

Fit & Flow

All of our clothing options for baby and children’s clothes are loose fitting and flowy to provide your child comfort to play in as our number one priority. 

The fit of a garment can create a relaxing style, or it can create an uncomfortable fit that makes your child feel uncomfortable to wear the item. We strive to have fitting features to eliminate these worries and bring in style and shape in our clothes. Some features to watch out for include: tie straps, waist cinching bows, and A-line frames to keep for a flowy style that moves as your child plays. In addition we offer other practical and comfort features including full coverage necklines, sleeves in tank top styles and flowy half sleeves, and knee length hems for easy movement.