Create a bohemian boho chic look

Follow the style inspirations of some of our fav celebrities and bloggers & Feather Fox’s bohemian styles to easily start creating a wardrobe in a boho chic style using new and existing clothing pieces



  • A key statement piece in any bohemian woman’s wardrobe is a staple boho inspired dress. Look for having two staples: a short dress and a long dress. Depending on the weather/season, the location of your outing and your own personal style you’ll appreciate having both (trust us!). 
  • Try finding styles with a floral or print in a neutral or with a pop of colour in pastel, muted or light colouring to start off. These shades of colour help pairing this statement dress a lot easier and if the dress is a Maxi-length style, the colour/print won’t feel overpowering. 
  • Pop this dress with wedges or sandals, one of our chic wallets and a statement jewellery piece for an outfit that’s sure to have all eyes on you. 


  • For Bohemian style tops, it’s all about flowy, loose-fitting and hippie prints and styles. You’ll love the structure of these loose fitting blouses and how easily you can pair any colour, cut or print with a simple bottom to make a boho-chic outfit. 
  • Try finding a print or a solid colour such as light denim blue, white or beige to start off with. From these neutrals, you’ll easily be able to pair this top with a floral boho skirt, cotton shorts in any colour or your fav denim shorts for a timeless bohemian look. 


  • Plain tees and tanks are best for pairing and mix & matching with boho styled bottoms. Grey, white, blue, browns are all go-to tee colours we love at Feather Fox. With these basic colours you can easily pair with a floral maxi shirt, under your fav strappy printed mini dress, under a knit sweater or with a colourful print scarf for a few ideas. 
  • On warmer days, simply pair a tee with a mini printed skirt or fabric/denim shorts with a statement jewellery piece and sandals for a go-to summer/vacay classic boho outfit you’ll want to wear over and over again. 


  • Our bohemian skirts come in two lengths: mini or maxi. Our boho mini skirts are perfect for hot summer days, nights out or as a go-to outfit staple in your fav print or colour. 
  • For cooler nights, longer lengths or just to show off more of the stunning print or colour, try wearing a maxi skirt. Feather Fox’s maxi skirts range in colours from neutrals to bold and deep hues. We also have a range of floral and prints to choose from to keep the bohemian style and to make choosing a matching top a breeze. 
  • For a go-to outfit, pair any looser tee or crop top with a print or solid coloured skirt. You’ll love the mix and matching you can create, along with chic layering form knits, textures, scarves or longer statement necklaces. 


  • When shopping our boho shorts range make sure to look for texture, length and colour/print to fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. You’ll want to look for interchangeable pieces to go from day, to beach, to night to show off your legs and match your fav tops whether it’s a crop top, blouse or tee. 
  • Our shorts come in cotton and other fabric materials. We have a range of prints to choose from in multi-coloured looks, black and white combos and solid colours. We also have tassel, fabric detailed trim, embroidery, pleats, crochet and other boho chic features on our bottoms. 
  • Wear our shorts for a trendy bohemian style perfect for hot summer days, instagram worthy images at the beach or just taking a stroll while on vacation. You’ll love the unique short options Feather Fox has to offer, and we promise you’ll want (need) more than just one pair! 


  • Accessories add colour, trend and texture to any outfit, which are all huge parts of bohemian fashion. Choose carefully from our range to select your fav pieces to brighten up, tie-together and complete your boho-chic style that will leave you feeling confident & on trend. 
  • When accessorising any outfit, jewellery options are always our first go-to. Feather Fox has endless jewellery options to choose from including our from our boho jewellery range. From simple and chic choker necklaces, to larger and longer statement necklaces, statement rings in mixed metals, large and chunky bracelets and fringe-filled trendy pieces to choose from just to name a few!  
  • On colder evening, when travelling or just as a cover up, Feather Fox has you covered for added layers including scarf, sarong and throw blanket options. These items are perfect for beach days, travelling in planes and cars, while inside air-conditioned buildings or just for added comfort in your own home. 
  • Wear a belt with loose-fitting tops, to pair with shorts or skirts, or just to add a pop of texture. Belts help to highlight your waistline and add a pop of colour around you waist. We offer small and detailed, and larger styles of belts to perfectly match your bohemian outfit. 
  • When travelling, going out or just to keep you style chic, make sure to pack your valued items in one of our cute wallets or bags. We offer a range of sizes and styles from wallets in hand to purses with straps. You’ll love the large range in colours and textures we have to match your favourite bohemian styles and make your look complete from your head to in your hands! 
  • Lastly, no outfit or boho-chic appearance is complete without a swipe of lipstick. Try one of our luxury lipsticks in a matte finish. We have a range of neutrals shades to keep your bohemian look on trend (including your make-up!).