Feather Fox Boutique in Darwin

Feather Fox Boutique in Darwin

Darwin Feather Fox Boutique

Leaving late from Brisbane Airport, we boarded our plane to Darwin. As the plane took off, we knew that our first trip to the Northen Territory was going to be one we would remember. We were met at Darwin International Airport by our wonderful friend, Jay and she took us back to her boho bungalow in Nightcliff. Staying up until sunrise, we sat on her verandah watching the light growing in the morning sky, creating magical colours over the ocean to the backdrop of birds going about their business and the distant sounds of the light waves lapping the shoreline.

Welcome to Darwin.

Boho Living Darwin Feather Fox Boutique
Jay’s boho-inspired home features wonderful affirmations and quotes adorning the walls, draped fabrics over the lounge and an array of mismatched frames holding precious family memories that inspire our conversation for the day ahead. After a brief morning nap, we were off for breakfast down at a local cafe. Walking along the coastline, we chatted about life and fashion while the hot wind blew on our skin. Her Darwin style; simple bohemian chic of lace shorts, a singlet and chunky boho statement necklace with her hair in a beach wave style. Effortless and very cool.

Darwin Sunset Feather Fox Boutique
That afternoon, as the tide was out, we took a stroll out onto the rocks and sand to find the many treasures hidden underneath that the water would otherwise cover. From seashells to corals, we watch the tiny crabs with their shells scatter among the palm trees as we walk past. Darwin is shaping up to be a spectacular sight and an adventure at every step.

Deckchair Cinema Darwin Northen Territory Australia Feather Fox Boutique

That night, we went to watch a movie at the Deckchair Cinema but not before grabbing some delicious vegetarian Pad Thai from a local restaurant. Lanterns flickered around the edges to help with the insects while we relaxed and laid back into amazing deckchairs spread out and that sunset... so beautiful!

Litchfield National Park Darwin Feather Fox Boutique
The next day, we jump in the car and head out of Darwin and out to Litchfield National Park. As we drive, Jay speaks of growing up in the area and the many childhood memories she has of it. We drive past multiple termite mountains which are unique and intriguing as the red dirt blows past us. It is the end of the dry season so the grasses and plants are dry and there are some areas smouldering from a recent fire. We reach the park and head to the local waterfalls. Simply amazing. The water is very cool while the air has hotness to it. Sunburnt, we hop back into the car and head back into Darwin. 

We grab a tea and sit on the verandah to watch those out for the array of food vans setting up for the night along with the many locals coming down to watch the sunset.

Thank you, Darwin you made us very welcome and we cannot wait to return and to Jay for giving us the locals tour!