Key Elements to your Ultimate Boho Chic Look

When it comes to creating the perfect bohemian style, we have listed some of our top tips for the ultimate boho chic look.


Wearing neutral materials is the base of your boho-chic style. Bohemian styles are effortless and always look on trend. The light and airy fabrics, textures and design functions of Feather Fox clothing will make your outfit stand out in style while looking boho-chic. 

When choosing neutral materials, look for intricate details and designs. You’ll want to keep it basic, with the material having a bit of stretch so if you decide to knot your top, tuck something in or just want something to fit loose for comfort, it doesn’t take away and tug at the piece. Design elements including embroidery on plain texture, trims, tassels, fringe and buttons are just some features to keep your eye peeled for when shopping at our Feather Fox online boutique. 


Keep your colours neutral for effortless mix and matching including layers, pairing with a bottom, adding accessories or another texture/print to an outfit. Bohemian styles often have a lot of prints and textures involved, so having basic pieces to fall back on in neutral colours is essential. 

Plan an outfit around a colour or colour scheme to make things easier. Look for browns including ivory, beige and deep hues of brown. Include shades of blue, earth-toned greens, light pastel colours in lilac, blue, teal, tangerine or yellow for a pop of earth-toned colour. 

These colours easily match any print, floral design or look. Easily pair a solid earth coloured tee or shorts together to make a chic bohemian outfit that is automatically Instagram worthy. 



Femininity involves texture in your clothing choices. Boho-chic right now includes must-have trends like tassels and fringe to make an outfit stand out and become fashion forward. 

You’ll love having tassels on your jewellery in form of material in different colours mixed with chic metals. Or for fringe to be on cute hand wallets or fringe off print shorts to add some colour contrast. 



Speaking of feminine styles, embroidery is a timeless boho detailing you don’t want to miss out on. From framing blouses, to trims on shorts and chic details on dresses – you’ll love this feminine edge on a flowy and structured piece that’s perfect for a night out with the girls. 



Did someone say date night? Look boho-glam in a fun maxi length dress and a statement necklace to make a jaw-dropping expression on your loved ones face. You’ll love showing off beautiful prints, textures and detailing from a longer skirt on a dress. 

Many of our dresses offer v-necklines for a feminine and classic style, and to easily show off your neckline for a statement piece of jewellery. If you’re not a necklace person, try wearing a tank or cap-sleeve dress with a chunky bracelet or mix and match metals in statement rings to give your outfit a bohemian edge. 



See above for a perfect example on an outfit to pair with a shawl. Any date night or evening beach outing is a perfect call to pack a shawl. Shawls and scarves are available from Feather Fox in a variety of colours and prints. Easily add some colour and texture to an outfit but wearing a basic and neutral coloured top and bottom, or dress with a shawl for a floral or boho inspired print to stand out. 



Printed fabrics are a must for any bohemian style outfit. Feather Fox has printed fabrics in every type of clothing from tees, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses and accessories just to name a few. 

Pair a printed piece with a solid neutral coloured piece for an easy to put together outfit that will have you standing out. For more colour and texture contrast, trying pairing two similar prints together in a close range in colours and add texture such as a belt or wedges to the outfit to bring it together. 



Layer long pieces for a boho chic look, or layer with a scarf over a crop top and bottoms for a cute summer time layered style. Layering is easy for cooler days and for a relaxed style for days that include travel, lounging or added comfort. 



Loose fitted pieces are a must-have for a bohemian fashion look. Try wearing loose fitted blouses and tops, flowy dresses and skirts, or pieces with structure including pleats, ties or panels. 



Feather Fox has examples of simple and chic sandals that you can easily pair with any outfit. Casual and neutral coloured shoes are best for a classic boho-chic look. Look for leather like textures, simple and delicate buckles, strappy sandals or booties for a perfect bohemian styled shoe. 



Feather Fox has a range of statement jewellery in a range of styles and metal colours including choker, large and chunky, and long necklaces. Further, we have statement bracelets in chic metals and statement rings in bohemian designs and colours. 

For other design elements to create the ultimate boho-chic look, try adding: 

  • Oversized clothing & accessories
  • Wide Brimmed Hats
  • Intricate and detailed head pieces
  • Distressed denim