The importance of working on a single task at a time

The importance of working on a single task at a time

We totally get it - sometimes it feels like life just throws you multiple jobs, chores, hobbies and relationships all at once - mayhem. But what if we told you, instead of multitasking it’s actually more productive to focus on one single task at a time?
This is purely because you are able to focus on the most important thing that needs to be done. Just think about it. By focusing on one single task alone, the less you are to be distracted by everything else occurring and are able to focus on what needs to be done - light bulb moment!

Quality guaranteed

When you’re juggling multiple things at once, tasks just don’t get done to the best of their abilities. By completely and utterly focusing on one task - you’re practically screaming for excellence on whatever you may be doing. Boo ya!


When you focus completely on a single task and that alone, it's definitely more fulfilling. You’ll be reaping the rewards of your success and praising your talents in no time due to getting what you want 100% done. Get ready to feel a great sense of joy and peace!

Relaxation station

Don’t enjoy feeling burnt out? Neither do we. If you’re looking to feel less like a burnt marshmallow and totally drowsy - work on one task at a time. This’ll allow for you to be able to relax after each task at hand and we promise it’s much more rewarding this way. Take that hard earned break, you absolutely deserve it. 

Importance over multitasking

When you treat everything as an important job to be done - things can get a little (okay a lot) stressful and feel less completed than they should be. Try using this mantra: If it doesn’t need to be done today, hold off until tomorrow.