When visualisation becomes reality, four states of total relaxation to attract what you want

When visualisation becomes reality, four states of total relaxation to attract what you want

The world is all about energy and The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on, we attract. In order to achieve this, it’s important to use visualisation as a means of representing success. So, preparing your body to achieve your goals is vital as your thoughts are magnetic. We suggest taking a peak at these relaxing visualisation techniques to slip into a complete state of chi and to bring the good vibes in. 

Burn incense or Light an aromatherapy candle 

When lighting a candle, don’t you feel an instant state of relaxation? They hold a healing quality like no other. It’s a technique used by so many people to bring them into a state of zen. Pick a scent suited to your tastes such as peppermint, grapefruit, or vanilla. Light your candle to reflect an intention and once the scent has filled the room, start by closing your eyes. Focus on your goal. Clearly picture in your mind how exactly you are going to achieve them. Be open to accepting whatever may come. 


Ever noticed how joyous you feel after a massage? This is thanks to the total state of relaxation you feel when releasing tension from your muscles and the happy endorphins at work. Your body is naturally aligning itself during this process, so your mental clarity will be at it’s highest state: thus the perfect time to set intentions. Ease your mind and focus on your goal you wish to achieve. 


It’s time to dim the lights and indulge in a warm bubble bath with a hot cup of tea. This allows you to float away to a quiet world of your own where you can totally relax and focus. Concentrate your mind on only one goal and tell yourself over and over again, that you will achieve it. Relax, focus and be open to receiving and thinking positively. This is the perfect time to practice meditation which happens to be the best technique for presence!

Practice meditation

We say this is the #1 technique to focus on just being present. In the process of meditation, you don’t need to think about your goals. Your goal here is to simply sit in silence. This will clear your mind and allow you to focus on your goals with the clarity like no other once completing your meditation. All will be revealed once you begin the process.